Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yeah!! I made my 3000th sale today!

I can't believe it.

Last year when I signed up I never thought it would lead me to where I am today. I saw the Etsy website and thought it was another ebay type place. I did it and sold a few items the beginning months and then had my surgery on my left elbow. I came back and kept making more and more items and they were being sold.
It really took off in August and kept me pretty busy, especially during the months of October and November. As the New Year came around and with all the talk of recession I really thought it would slow down for me and actually I've had more orders than ever, I've also had quiet a few wholesale orders in between my regular orders.
I travel way to much during the year and the nice thing is I can continue selling my items while I visit my family.
I always looked at other shops and wondered how they have become so succesful with so many sellers and beautiful items and the funny thing is I get convo's asking me how I've done it. It's kind of ironic. I don't think I am successful at all. The only thing is that I am able to have the part time job I have been wanting.
I worked in an office for 9 years and left do to the all the hand problems a continue having. I managed to work from home doing handmade wedding invitations and floral designing. I gave that up during the second pregnancy because weddings are fun but so demanding and I really wanted to spend more time with the baby and enjoy his first months. I wasn't able to watch my oldest grow at all and he spent his beginning years in daycare or with my grandma and parents. I did quit the year he was going to start kindergarten and I was able to enjoy the summer with him, which was very memorable.
Anyways, back to Etsy, I am just so grateful everyday that passes that I can really do something I enjoy while having the quality time to spend with my 2 boys. It is just unbelieveable I am able to write about this because I never thought it would lead me here.

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