Monday, May 19, 2008

I am Addicted

to shopping on Etsy.

Okay, so I will post a few of my favorite buys recently from Etsy. Since I was in the cast for 2 weeks and didn't go anywhere I was desperate to go shopping, I think it would of been a lot cheaper going to the mall then buying from home. Their are so many unbelieveable creations on Etsy that I really don't buy too much from the stores anymore. I think about 90% of my shopping is done from home. Is that normal? I guess now in days it is with the price of gas and the convenience of receiving your items at home.

Well let me start with this artists ceramic creations, I have bought 3 of them from her and I love her inspirations that come from nature. Then I found these hairpins from this etsy seller. Isn't that red just beautiful. I gave them to my mom and she just loves them and wears them almost every day since her favorite color is red. and this seller is closing her pendant business and I took advantage of her sale and bought this beautiful pendant from her. So while I was at it I also bought this and this. They are too cute. That blue deer looks so lovely on my pale yellow sweater. Then I found another shop, the runny bunny that sells the cutest ceramic statues of animals and the prices are amazing. I couldnt's resist and bought 3 of them from her. In between I bought a ton of vintage ephemera, some lovely bookplates and some cute cupcake toppers from this seller. My son would like me to make him so cupcakes at the end of the school year for his classmates and I have no idea how I am going to bake them without a working oven. I'll just have to run to my sister's house like we normally do.

So enough Etsy shopping for this month, I hope.

By the way the temp is still over 100 degrees. They say it should cool by tomorrow afternoon. I hope it does because it's affected both my boy's appetite and now I can't get rid of this headache that is killing me.

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