Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yeah, I can move my arm around now. My cast came off today but I am in so much pain. I can't bend or move my elbow and my arm is so swollen, hopefully I will be able to sleep better with medication of course. The last couple of nights I think I slept about 2 hours at the most. I was just so anxious and uncomfortable from the weight of the cast. I was 8 pds heavier with it, my shoulder kills just from carrying that much weight around. Now I move on to PT which I am dreading. I won't worry too much about that until next week.

On another note my parent's anniversary party went well. It was small but, Oh Man! the food was great. It was a simple grilled dinner but my sister out did herself. They made New York steaks with mushrooms on top, grilled jumbo shrimps, baked potatoes with the works and an amazing salad. I ate so much that I didn't get a chance to taste the cake. I am getting hungry just thinking about the food. Yum!!

The drugs are starting to kick in so I better lay down for awhile.

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