Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rainy Days

Here is another Etsy item I just bought from this cool little shop. It's a cute little family of ducks and I have plans for these little guys.
Such weird weather, a week ago it was over 100 degrees and today it's only in the 60's and it's raining. It never rains in Southern California. Crazy Weather. I had big plans for this weekend too. I wanted to paint the boy's treehouse and even bought the coolest and brightest colors I could find at Lowe's. Since we weren't able to do much we went to the movies and saw Speed Racer, it was so-so. Even Jacob thought so too. I took the baby with me since he loves anything cars in a big way and he didn't even look at any of the action scenes. He was looking at the people behind us the whole time or eating candy or meowing. I had to scare him a bit just to keep him from moving around. Such a bad mother, I know but it is so difficult to control an overly active toddler. I think he has signs of ADHD, and I've talked to many specialists and mom's and they say the same thing but he won't be able to get tested until he is 5 yrs old. I just hope and pray that it changes, for now I have to take him to theraphy and playgroups so they can help him for his sensitivity to objects and touch. He is my "Little Monk" as my dad calls him. He has mild OCD He is quiet a handful and really tires me out but he is such a joy and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think that is what any mom says of their child.

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