Saturday, May 17, 2008

Water For Elephants

I just love this book. I have read it twice and it's one of my top list of fav books. I am so wishing I can go to the circus now. Not like the circus that comes to our town once a year which is so sad looking and costs as much as going to Disneyland.

I remember being about 5 and going to Barnum and Bailey's. It was so amazing seeing the trapeze act and their beautiful, shiny, sequin dresses. The smell of Cotton Candy, Popcorn and the smell of the animals, what a mixture. Their so much excitement as kid to go to the circus and seeing everything with amazement without ever thinking about the poor mistreated animals and employees. Such ashame.This book is a memory of an older man remembering the 1930's and the time he spent riding in a circus train. Their is so much commotion, excitement and twisted tales of abuse, murder, deception, love and more. It is a lovely, well written book and I loved how it's written through the eye's and memories of a man. I couldn't stop reading this book and finished it in about a day.

Oh, by the way it is so much hotter than it was yesterday and the worst thing is we don't have air conditioner in the house. Even though I grew up in a house with no a/c doesn't mean I am used to the torture of sleeping in a hot room. Let's just hope it's a little cooler tomorrow.

I also went to see this movie today. LOVED IT!!! not just because he is in it andis one of my favorite actors, it was actually really good. I am a big action movie kind of girl who loves Marvel and DC comics and I can't wait to see the new Batman movie.
I am just waiting for a Wonder Woman movie which seems like is being talked about.
Yeah!! for my all-time Hero.

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