Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The House on Mango Street

I have been cleaning house because this Saturday I will having a yard sale and I came across this cute book so I am re-reading it again. I just adore this story and I thought I would share it.
The name of the book is The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisneros. The chapters are super short but it's about a Latino girl name Esperanza and her life growing in a poor area of Chicago but it's written so well that you don't feel sorry for her but laugh at how she describes her upbringing. Her story is written through her eyes and I laugh so much because it reminds me a little of myself. Not in the way how she grew up but how I saw things but I think all of us as children see it one way but when you grow up it's a totally different story.
I remember at 7 having a baby sitter and she had a teenager daughter named Ellie and she was a true die hard Duran Duran fan. She had posters everywhere, even on the ceiling and her favorite was John Taylor the guitar player of the group. Anyways, I used to hang around her room and she probably thought I was annoying kid but I wanted to be like her she must of been super nice to put up with me. I would sit in her room as she would listen to her tapes and she would talk anything and everything about them. She had tons of buttons on her shirt so I wanted to do the same thing and she did give me posters and buttons of Simon, he was my crush. It is so funny to think of it now but I still go crazy over Duran Duran, and is such a coincidence as I am watching a live concert on VH1 Classics right now. My sister and cousins still remind me of my obsession with them which still makes them laugh, but every time I think of my all time fave group I remember Ellie and how she opened the doors for my love of New Wave.
The REFLEX my #1 favorite song!!!


adriana said...

hola kozen,

sandra is my favorite author next to neil gaiman. i heard her read from her last book "caramelo" about 5 years ago at chucha cafe. we should meet there one of these days, it's somewhat around your hood. yeah we should catch up, it's been too long.


very impressed with your photos!

ceanaya said...

Hi Kozen, Surprised to hear from. Hope you and your little ones are well. It will be nice to see each other. Let's make plans soon. Magz her hubby want to throw a summer party at the house, maybe soon. Hope you can come and email soon.
P.S. I just loved the way she writes, It reminds me so much of being young and growing up with all of you.
I would love to go the Frida exhibit but's all the way in San Francisco. Too Bad.
Talk to you soon.

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