Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Little David

Today David had his bi-yearly assessment on his overall development. He has been receiving therapy since the age of 9 months for his many sensory needs(Sensory Integration Dysfunction) with mild OCD. He is extremely sensitive to touch and has a hard time adjusting to changes. He is a very disciplinary baby and if anything changes throughout the day it affects his moods. He has improved in many ways but he still has a long way to go. They are recommending a behaviorist(I am not sure if that is the correct spelling) for his many tantrums and they want to bring in a speech therapist. He only has 10 words in his vocabulary and he should be at 50. I think much of his speech has to do with his behavior. He is a really good baby but when he gets into those moods, he really is scary especially since he has a strong personality to go with it. Overall he has met many of the goals that were placed 6 months ago and is even beyond many of the motor skills that are required of him at his age. I think he is at 36-48 months which is very impressive.

Their was a time when I would lay him on a blanket on the grass and he would not crawl away because he couldn't handle touching grass and now I can take his shoes off and he can walk on the grass barefoot as long I can distract him and then after awhile he is running around without wanting his shoes back on. He still has a hard time with his hands being dirty and I have to carry a little towel at all times, most of the times he just cleans himself on my pants.

The OT did say this will be with him for the rest of his life but with help he can adjust and learn how to be comfortable in his surroundings.

Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming because I don't understand what he is going through but then I see the changes in him and it just fills my heart with happiness in seeing his improvements and watching him enjoy the world from the outside as he is not the type to join in but would rather see it from the sidelines. He is such a joy but is entering the world of the "Terrible Twos". Poor Me.

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