Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memory Keeper's Daughter - Book and Movie

I read this book last summer and it took me about 2 months to finish it because it was hard to get through the beginning chapters, I kind of skipped a lot of paragraphs because their is so much little detail that it got kind of boring. Towards the middle and through the end it actually got interesting and it was so sad. I REALLY dislike Nora.
It is about a women who gives birth to twins and one of the babies turns out to have Down Syndrome. The father, who is also a DR. lies to the wife and tells her the other baby is dead and has the nurse take the baby away. He has to live with the lie the rest of his life without ever telling her and it breaks his marriage and life apart that towards the end it basically killed him.
Well, last night I was looking for something to watch on TV and noticed the Title of the Book on Lifetime. I didn't know they made it into a Lifetime movie. One of my favorite actress Emily Watson played the nurse. I really liked her character and she portrayed her so well. As usual I disliked Nora in the movie too. The actress really played her well. Dr. Henry was played by Dermot Mulrooney, He was alright too. Oh, did I cry but with running tears coming down. I felt like an idiot because I am not the type that cries too much through movies, I normally just get a knot in my throat.
Anyways I really loved the movie and the book is very good too.

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