Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monkey Mascot

Since Jacob has been out of school I have been finding ways to keep him busy. I limit his amount of TV and videogame time so he bugs the heck (my son is reading as I am writing and I cannot say any bad words even if it's my blog) out of me when he is not allowed to do what he wants. So we went to the library yesterday and today we went to see Indiana Jones finally. It was so-so but at least we killed some time. I can't wait until he starts Summer Camp next week. Thank God.
Anyways, Jake has been wanting to sew with me and I found The Cute Book at borders. It is sooo cute and the patterns are super easy for little kids especially a boy like Jake. He thought it was so cool as long as I don't mention it to his friends. He is not a very artsy or a very coordinated kid and does not finish anything he starts but he did finish the little monkey mascot. I am convincing him to do some more but it's not working because he said he already knows how to sew and he doesn't need any more practice. I did start the little chick but haven't finished her body yet.
Jacob's little monkey mascot.
He just needs a little stuffing and he will be complete.

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