Monday, June 16, 2008

New Editing Software

I just love these vintage figurines ever since I found them at the flea market awhile ago.
This weekend I took the boys to my cousin's house for her little boy's graduation party from Kinder. Anyways she wanted to give all her guests a picture and asked me to download and print the pictures while the party was going on. Well she never told me she didn't have a photo editing software so I searched and found this site with this great editing download for FREE!! I have been wanting to learn actions for awhile but Photoscape has a few filters that are easy and perfect for beginners without spending money. I played around with it and love it better than the Microsoft Picture It I have been using for years now. It is so much fun because I have been wanting to create antique photos and now I can. I do wish I owned a Mac because they have this great program called Aperture that I just loved. My B-I-L had a demo of it and created amazing pictures with it. Well I haven't given up on the idea of learning photoshop actions and I am determined as I was able to download actions and play around with some pix's. I do have the basic concept of the software but their is so much that I need to learn.

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