Friday, June 27, 2008

Not such a Hot Muchacha

I got the new Sublime Stitching book yesterday and wanted to start one of the projects. The book is not really a book, it's just iron on patterns and they are mostly a lot of the patterns she has out there anyways, well I loved the Salsa Dancer image and wanted to make a satchet bag out of her outline. I didn't iron the pattern on to the muslim but instead traced it, sort of. I could not find my fabric tracing paper so I had to lightly pencil it in freehand. So that in itself took awhile. Anyways, I wanted to finish this last night and sewed her all up and completely forgot I had to fray the edges and I cut too close to the edge and the whole thing was a bust. All that work for nothing.
I keep repeating in my head that I need the practice but it's not working. I don't even know how long it took but I was up until midnight and I think I started after 9 pm.
I can't make it into a bag anymore because all the lavender bits will come out. I guess I can make another one and next time I will remember to fray the edges and not cut so close.
I know, I know it is good practice.

I probably will work on some more tonight when I take the boys to A Movie at the Park. It's pretty cool. They inflate a huge screen and play dvd's on it and I believe tonight's movie is Bee Movie. We sit on the grass and take dinner and goodies. It's all fun plus it's free and the nice thing too is that it's a pretty warm day so the evening will be perfect.

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