Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reality Check Again

Look what a treasure I found on ebay and for only $5.00 and the shipping was reasonable too. I just had to share this cute pull toy. Yesterday Jacob had a play at school and then afterwards they had their 4th grade picnic at the park. I took Davey with us and he had such a good time watching all the older kids playing and eating. Well, as I was standing in the auditorium I had to hold back tears not because I was watching my son on stage but because I remembered being his age and singing in the same auditorium. I went to the same elementary that Jacob is now attending and I just can't believe how long ago that was and now I am there watching my child perform, well actually he was just part of the choir. Anyways I just felt so old being there and then I was called Mrs. by the little kids that it just hit me how fast time REALLY goes by. Too Scary. Then on top of that I went to the picnic because Jake begged me to attend the picnic and he didn't even eat with us. All he did was play with his friends, while I watched all the mother's with their girls having a good time. Oh, How I wish had a couple of girls. At least I have David to keep me company for now.
On a good note I wanted to share this little card with the cutest little button earrings that I received from one of my favorite customers. She is so sweet and sent these to me as a Thank you. Her little business is really blooming as her earrings have been picked up by some boutiques.

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