Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How Time Flies By

Well it's been a pretty slow beginning of the week, I actually thought it was Thursday. I have been mostly working on items to restock my little shop. I am trying to make necklaces but time doesn't permit me from finishing them. I think that's why I have so many earrings listed because I can make a dozen in the same time that it would take me to make one necklace. I had a request for necklaces so I am trying my best but as usual made more earrings. I am even lacking hair accessories. I have no idea how my time is spent, well , YES I do. Damn, the Internet. It's so addicting.
Hopefully I can have everything ready to list this weekend. I am also thinking of a free shipping weekend. I haven't done one in awhile. We will see.
It's been pretty slow on Mi Bazaar too except for the wholesale order I got on Monday. She is one of my favorite customers and she is all the way in Belgium. Talking about International, I had to take pictures of my little Vintage Kokeshi Doll. I love her eyebrows and look at her loop earrings. LOVE them. I got her from this little shop.
Since it's almost the end of the school year I bought this little plate from Elm Studios for Jake's teacher. She has been his teacher for the last 2 years and I think he has a little crush on her but won't admit it. I still remember being in the 4th grade too and being in love with my teacher, Mr. Galves. See, I can even remember his name too. In fact all my friends had a crush on him too. I wonder now if he was really that good looking or was it just us being stupid. Jacob's teacher is very young and attractive and is a really nice person. All he does is talk about her and even hates to miss class. I have asked him a few times but he just says that she is her teacher and nothing more. He is already stressing about having a new teacher next year and if he and his best friend will be in the same class. The stress of a child. Oh how I wish to be little again..

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