Monday, June 2, 2008

Work In Progress

This is my current project:My boys treehouse.
It was finally a beautiful weekend to get started on the project that has been long overdue. This treehouse was built almost 2 years ago by my dad but I never made an effort to paint it and decided it was time to finish it before they got older. It has been more work than I thought but I am almost done, the little touches are the most consuming. Jacob started helping me but decided it was too hot and went inside so practically I have been doing all the work which is common with him. I love painting, it's been so long since I have done any painting and it's so relaxing to be outside with my thoughts too. I am going to make it into a beach shack and I have so many plans in my head regarding the decoration. I bought some cool little items on ebay and once it's all complete I will post my, actually the boys treehouse.
Here is a little glimpse as to the color we chose.
It reminds of Shrek

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