Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to my Skulls

It's been awhile since I have created my little mexican sugar skull beads, so I think it's time again. I will be done with my orders this week and would like to start adding some of my mexican inspired crafts. I think I will only make a handful of the skulls since they are a little time consuming and I get bored of doing them for long periods of time.
These hairpins are my favorite so I will make some like this and maybe even make barrettes of them too.
I have also started cutting the fabric for my skulls bags and even made tiny little beads for zipper pulls. I also will include my girly skull vinyl coin pouches and Viva La Frida earrings will soon be available too.

I have moved away from my mexican crafts not intentionally and not because they did not sell actually they sold very well but for some reason I stopped making them. Look for them in the coming weeks.
Here are a few of my favorite mexican shops:
Mexican Imports - Very cool rustic home decor
La Fuente Imports - A ton of mexican inspired decor
Gringos & Co. - Kitschy Mexican Jewelry (love the market bags they carry)
SilverCrow Creations - specializing in eclectic art supplies
Galeria Mexicana - They have the most beautiful tin mirrors
Lama - Modern Latin America accessories and home decor
Casa Bonampak - This is the place to shop for papel picado (paper cutouts)
Mis Cositas - Mexican inspired fabrics and handbags
Mexican Sugar Skulls - they have a large selection of skull molds
Mexican Folk Art - Nichos, Retablos
Mi Fiesta - Selection of mexican candy, cookware
Casa Corazon - Mesh Bags
My Mercado Mexican Imports - clothes, bags, etc

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