Sunday, July 13, 2008


Look at this cute fabric I just bought at Joann's. I really like all that cute Japanese fabric but this is so different and it is so much cheaper too. It's made out of corduroy and they have so many designs now. They even have pink and mint green Polk a dots on a brown background. I am waiting for my coupons to get some more.Well I made these little coin purses which I will be listing soon in my shop.

I have the itch to sew again just like my embroidery which is coming along, I will show pix's soon and anyways sewing for me is a little frustrating because I don't have the patience, I made a wrap around skirt and took me almost all day to complete but at least I finished it. I am not too happy with it because I used the stretchy kind of jean material and it kind of looks funny where I tie it, I should of used cotton fabric but at least I am getting some practice and next time it might not take me 6 hours to finish. I just found this easy 5-minute skirt tutorial so I will make one and see how it looks.
Oh! and this nice lady from Pretty Little Things just emailed me that she mentioned my tropical hibiscus hairclip in her blog. Her pix's are amazing plus I love her studio. She makes very beautiful and unique dolls and is so crafty.

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