Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer

This is pretty much how we spent the last weekend of the summer. My oldest one will be starting school this Wednesday and I am counting the minutes until it starts.
We got out all the chalks and bubble maker we had and spent about 30 minutes outside because it was sooooo damn hot.

So, we went to see The Mummy 3 , it's not the same as the first one. We needed to take refuge at a mall but it was a mistake because the little one was such a pistol. I don't even want to think about it. I guess everyone was there too because it was so crowded. I hate malls. I really love doing my shopping on the internet.

Oh, and little Chico Chihuahua has been with us 1 year now. He has grown much in size but I just adore that little dog as much as I love my Golden Retriever, Dodger.
On another good note, this weekend was such a succesful weekend when it comes to my shop. On Friday I finished 1 large order and then Sunday morning my favorite customer from Belgium who has a little boutique placed a large order that cleaned me out when it comes to hair clips.
I just love her.

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