Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sugar Day

So this week will be spent with my boys going all over town and we started today by going to Universal Studios again. Well, actually I should of read the tickets and seen that weekends are blackout dates, so we walked around Citywalk and had a Sugar of a Day. We decided to go to the movies and see Space Chimps, which wasn't too good and before we went in we headed towards our first stop of our on-going sugar high. Our first hit was It'Sugar. OMG, it was unbelievable in there.

How cool is this Marilyn Monroe made out of Jelly Beans. Tons of Lollipops all over the store.
and the amazing cases of chocolates.

My teeth are hurting again with all these pictures of candy.

After the movie was over we went back out to walk and headed towards Sparky's, another candy store full of Pez candy dispensers.
More lollipops again.

Then across from Sparky's they had a Mexican candy shop. Wow, I wanted to taste everything they had.

Some very cool looking chocolate Sugar Skulls.

David was so scared of this Dia De Los Muertos skeleton. Plus we bought the chocolate popcorn and god knows what other junk food we ate today. My stomach is still a little weird from all the sugar, I think it will be a long time before the boys and I eat anything sweet again. Yeah Right!

I want one of these stars. They are so beautiful.
We will head back to Universal again on friday. Some other places we will be visiting this week will be the Long Beach Aquarium and the Santa Barbara Zoo.

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