Monday, September 8, 2008

Bird Trauma + Fevers

Usually these two have nothing to with one another but for me it does. Both my boys are sick and the little one kept me up last night. I have been up since 5 a.m. with him watching t.v. and as I was trying to get the oldest ready for school around 7 am we heard the chickens and birds making all kinds of noises outside and as we looked out the window we see a huge hawk stuck on the side of the birdcage.
See below, this is the culprit. and this is our walk in Bird Habitat as I call it. It houses doves, lovebirds, 2 cuckatoos, 1 chicken, 1 rooster, 1 finch, 1 parakeet and many diamond back doves. They pretty much all live in harmony with each other.
Except for these guys who have been targeted by the hawk. They live in a seperate housing facility because they cannot live amongst the rest for some reason. They bite on the legs of the other birds.
So anyways, the one on the left side had his/her tail feathers pulled right off.
Poor thing. I hope he doesn't die on us do the nature of his trauma.

I had to move their cage inside the porch to protect them because this same hawk has already killed one of our canaries by pulling him through the wire cage. I need to make them a mesh covering because this hawk isn't giving up and comes to the yard on a regular basis. So far he has been over 4 times this morning.

So that pretty much wraps my Monday morning. Well see if he continues to return, which I am pretty he will.

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