Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cigar Labels

The week that I organized my stash I wanted to label my containers and boxes and I was ready to buy some pre-made labels but then a light bulb went off in my dusty brain and I said to myself, Hey I can make them! I can be lazy at times and end up buying the things instead of making them myself. So anyways, I got out my large blank labels that I use for mailing envelopes and printed a ton of cigar labels in different colors and cut around the image.

I am pretty content with the finish product and I think I went overboard and labeled everything in my house even if I know what is in it.
I hope it cools down pretty soon because I can't stand these headaches. My day was pretty much running to my hand dr. then returning some clothes for my eldest at Old Navy and stopping next door at Cost Plus. In my mind I said to myself that all I was going to do was return the pants and get out. Well then I saw the baby clothes at 40% off and couldn't pass it up, then I thought I would check the wine section at Cost Plus and ended up buying a cute little tray and some cheetos for Dave that were too scary for him to eat because it had a picture of a witch on the front with her index finger sticking out because the name of the bag was called "Witches Fingers", so that was pretty much my day for today.

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