Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Additions New and Old

I just am showing off some of my fall items that I created and I listed previously or just listed. I should of gotten backgrounds that were appropriate to the theme but I am really watching my expenses because all sales are going towards my craft fair expense. Autumn Acorn coin purse.

Mexican Sugar Purse coin pouch. I love this pink vinyl so much and I still can't find it at a reasonable price. Bewitching Kitschy Hairpins.
This is still my favorite necklace for some reason.
My favorite classic monster of all times.
A Nosferatu silhouette that I turned into earrings too.

and I finally made some sugar skull hairpins. I don't glitter the skulls but with this batch I had to because the clear glossy glaze that I had on hand became foggy so I had to use the glittery varnish which I wasn't sure if I was going to like but they turned out okay.
I think this will be all I will create for spooky/harvest items. Their are one more pair of earrings of a crow that I still need to list.
It's kind of scary with how bad the economy is getting and so many lay-offs everywhere, I have really seen a drastic change in my shop. I do have wholesale orders that keep me busy in between but I do worry about the future and I am a little worried about this whole craft fair thing too. Is it going to be a hit or bust. I guess I wont know but I do know that I won't expect to be that busy this year when it comes to holiday shopping.

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