Friday, September 12, 2008

Nut in much

Nothing really going on. We have been so sick that all I can smell in the house is vapor rub. At least my oldest didn't have school today. They just started school and they already have a day off. I had open house the other night and again he gets a very young teacher. All he talks about is his teacher and completely forgot about last years teacher. Too funny.

Tomorrow if we feel better, I will take the boys to the fair that is just around the corner from the house. Our city has grown so much that their is no place to put the fair this year and they ended setting it up at our community park which is great for us because it's within walking distance but it's kind of small. It's funny to drive down the street and see this huge ferris wheel which we have never seen so close to the house. Well, it's been pretty quiet and I am off to finish my latest book that I will be sharing soon.

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