Sunday, September 14, 2008

To The Fair Again

I did take the boys to the fair and told them I would only be there for 2 hours and ended staying 6 hours. My feet still ache from all the walking even though it was a small fair.

Some of the kiddie rides that Big "D" got on without crying.

Enjoying some cotton candy, well actually I gave it to him because he was getting a little irritated since he had not taken a nap all day.
Jake and his Best Friend.

I wanted to get on the ferris wheel but I had spent all my money by then.

This pretty much was the last picture I took. I don't even want to think about the stupidity I did with the other pictures I took. I had taken the cutest picture of David on some of the kiddie rides and then for some reason the pictures started coming out really pale and washed out, well I was trying to figure out why it was taking them that way and I hit the format button and deleted everything. I still get so angry when I think about it. Oh well, their is no point crying about it now but it's still annoying.

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