Friday, October 31, 2008

Have A Happy Halloween

I am continuing my marathon of classic horror movies and loving Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr, and of course Boris Karloff. Can't get enough of their movies and wish they weren't over today. Hope you all have a great night with your halloween traditions.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here is to Vincent Price

One of the most talented, creepy voice actor of all times and my favorite, well him and Johnny Depp. They are playing Vincent Price movies on TCM and I am watching House of Usher as I type, I sure wouldn't want to have a brother like him. What a classic. I finished watching The Tingler and I remember watching this movie when I was small and was so afraid to go to the theatre thinking that a creepy crawly would go up my leg. It just terrified me. For me Halloween is all about cult classic horror movies and Vincent Price.
These are some of my Favorite Halloweeny movies that put me in the spirit of the season:
1) Halloween, but of course. Michael Meyers still scares the s**t out of me. I can watch it 20 times in one month and it never bores me.
2) The Corpse Bride - I twisted tale of love. I adore it.
3) Psycho - I learned to never stay at an isolated motel.
4) Young Frankenstein - One of the funniest movies that I can watch over and over and still laugh every time. Plus I love anything that has to with Frankie. I have a soft spot for this cult classic monster and his sad story.
5) Sleepy Hollow - Not that I would love to loose my head but I would if I met Johnny Depp.
6) Night of the Living Dead - I am not a zombie kind of girl but this is the only one I can watch and still get nightmares.
7) Ginger Snaps - very gory but pretty cool sisterly love not like me and my sister.
8) Monster House - This movies reminds me of my sister and our neighbors and the ridiculous stories we would make up about our neighbors enough that we believed it.
9) The Rocky Horror Picture Show - I haven't seen this movie in ages but I love the costumes and singing.
10) It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - It's not Halloween without watching this cartoon on TV every year.
How I want to take the kids to Disneylands Haunted Mansion now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week of 10/20 - Present

I really don't understand how time goes by so quickly without realizing it. I didn't blog at all for about 1 1/2 week so I am going to pretty much re-cap my week for you.
So here goes, starting with:

Monday 10/20 - Finished up promos, worked on 2 wholesale orders.
Tuesday 10/21 - David's Therapy session. He made these cute little spiders.
He is so busy concentrating on his painting.
Wednesday 10/22 - Another Therapy Session for David , made silly drawings with spaghetti, helped grandma pack her bags for her trip on Thursday and helped parents clean their house for BBQ on Saturday.

Thursday 10/23 - Last OT session of the week. This time their was fun time with shaving cream. Grandma left us for 1 month, she went to her country to visit family and friends.

Friday 10/24 - More clean up and organizing before the BBQ. Jacob got the stomach flu and kept me up half the night.
Saturday 10/25 - BBQ Day. Mailed my promos finally. Went bead shopping, took care of poor Jake and tried to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with family and friends. It was a hit and the day was perfectly hot.

A view of the food table.

Sunday 10/26 - A lazy kind of day.
Monday 10/27 - I Miss my grandma. Went to Santa Barbara for a Doctor appt. Spent all day on the road.
Tuesday 10/28 - Kept Jacob home from school, he is still not feeling too well. One more Dr. appt for me and spent the rest of the day making cute magnets and stickers with the boys and my new xyron machine. I love this little toy.

Wednesday 10/29 - David's Therapy session in the morning then afterwards went to Walmart for a few kid necessities and washed all day.
So that is a wrap up of my week not very exciting but it was very tiring.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Promos and Raffle

I was asked to create 50 promos to giveaway to the first 250 customers that came to the feltclub. I have until November 1st and was thinking of what to send them since I really don't have any promos, I don't even have business cards printed yet. I am not good on the marketing side. Anyways, I wanted to be a little creative and promote what I make but was so unsure of what to do until I thought I would make hairpins. I calculated the cost and they were about .15 cents per each card. I think that is a pretty fare price and I hope it helps with my sales. I also made thank you cards. I usually give away a hairpin when somebody orders 3 or more items and I make little magnets out of vintage ephemera and give those away on every order.
So know I need to set up an account on Propay to accept credit cards and on ebay I found a knucklebuster for $8.00 which includes receipts. I also need to make a banner which I will probably make myself instead of buying a vinyl banner and I already made a tablecloth in a nice brown linen fabric which only cost $20.00 for 6 yards, I used a 40% coupon for that purchase. I need a few more display items and I think that is pretty much else. This week I need to send my business cards to vistaprints.

I have been thinking of giving away free goodie bags at my table with some items that I make and I even posted a thread on Etsy asking if anyone was interested in sending the business cards, promos, etc. and have gotten quiet a few replies. I think the cost will be under $10.00 for 200 bags. I just really hope it helps me sell a little and that I appeal to customers and maybe even help other etsy seller. If anybody is interested let me know and I will email you mailing address.
Also I wanted to post the items I will donating to "Kisses for Callie" raffle which will be
October 20th - 22nd.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Things that are on my mind

Sometimes our everyday problems are nothing compared to some of the stories you come across. I was contacted by Ashley asking me if I could donate any of my pieces that will be auctioned to make money for her 20 month old sister, Callie. She was hit by a car in the driveway this past September. I was reading her blog and cried. How terrible something like this is for any parent and I can't even imagine the emotional pain this must be for anybody. Such a sweet little girl and what a beautiful sister she has for doing anything in her power to help her. I wish her the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

You know, I am not a person that goes on the Etsy forums because I know a lot of threads are such a waste of time. People make such a big thing over something so small, and complain about anything. Anyways, I went on this week looking for information regarding craft fairs, promos, credit card machines, etc. and their is a lot of useful info, maybe about 25% is worth reading. But then you notice that almost every other thread is about the economy and not making a sale. Etsy became my f/t job accidentally and was so busy that I thought I could make a living on my goods but I realized in the past couple of weeks that I shouldn't depend on Etsy as my main source of income and even with all these other sites selling handmade goods too that I shouldn't get excited either because nobody is spending money and it will be like this for quiet awhile. I know I need to be positive but I need to be realistic too.

I have been working on my displays and trying to find ways being creative and at the same time saving money because I want to spend as little as possible since it gets very expensive doing one of these craft fairs for the first time. I will soon post pictures of the displays I bought on ebay and the ones I made too. I will also share some of the info I found out. I know their are ton of sites out there regarding craft fair tips but it never hurts to write about our experiences because it can be useful info for somebody else.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October Fire

I can't believe I haven't blogged all week. I have been so busy with therapy and working on a few wholesale orders this past week.
Then on Monday this happened. The ash and smell of the burning mountains has given us all headache and even bloody noses on top of the heat and the Santa Ana winds drying up our skin. Miserable and I need more lotion.
That's all I can say.
Finally we woke up to clear skies but the static and dry skin is horrible. I went to the valley towards where the fire initially started in Porter Ranch (I guess they call it the Sesnon Fire) and WOW the smell of burnt brush is so strong that it hurts your eyes. I wouldn't even of gone if it wasn't for a Dr. appt I had. The winds have calmed down for now but I know this is just the beginning because October is known for the dry hot winds. We are so used to fires because it happens practically every year around this time. I just hope it cools down a bit.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chi Movie

For Jake's Birthday I took him to see this movie which was very cute and funny too. The little one loved it and sat through the whole movie without making a sound. I can't believe the movie was sold out on Thursday morning.
We started our day with breakfast at Ihop then we went shopping. I don't usually surprise him with gifts but give him the money to buy his own stuff. He is at the age where I don't know what to give him since he is only into video games. So I do without the wrapping and excitement of opening a gift.
Then afterwards went to the movies and then he went to his buddies house for dinner. I would of done more for him but he tells me he is a boy and he can do without the party.
Sigh.............. I wish I had a girl.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

10 years ago

My Little Jake was born on October 9th,1998 at 3:12 pm. I lost all his baby pictures due to my hard drive crashing in 2002 but I do have all the memories of that wonderful event. It was the most magical moment in my life and I still look into his face and I can't believe he is really mine.
He is a little clown who loves attention. A nature loving goofball and the loudest kid I have ever met who never stops talking.
A sweetie with a heart of gold.
Because of you I am a much stronger person who wants to be a better mom each and everyday,
I am just so lucky to have you in my life.
Happy 10th birthday Jakey.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Sorry for the horrible pictures. The Glare did not let me take any good pictures of my room.
I will do a re-shoot once I am completely done.

I wanted to paint my computer desk pink and and went ahead and painted the little cabinet next to it too. All weekend I spent sanding, painting and varnishing. I am still not done because I want to paint little flowers on the edge of the white cabinet door and need knobs too. I also need to add more prints and photos on the wall. I have also been working on props for my upcoming fair. So I am on a roll. I would love to paint the walls one of these days too.
I had to stop painting today because as I was fixing my ponytail I walked past the little thermo-stat box and hit my elbow which made my whole arm shoot up in pain. It is so swollen and I hope I didn't do any damage to my elbow because it's right where the surgery was done. I don't think I have ever felt this kind of pain because it made arm all limp and even my chest started hurting.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Butterscotch Pudding

This is my little David playing in butterscotch pudding. I got so excited seeing him get messy because it is normal for boys to get dirty but not for my little guy.
This was a big accomplishment on his part. After about 30 minutes he finally dipped one hand in the pudding but couldn't do both.
Their were no facial emotions I guess he was trying to see if he enjoyed it or not. At times I could see a little smile but it was hard to tell.
By the end of the session he dipped his all time favorite toys in the pudding with one hand. Hopefully in the next few weeks he can do both. It's so funny how little things like touching pudding or jello are such a big deal in my world.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a Hot Day

chico chihuahua
It is so unbelievably hot since last Monday. I hope it cools down because these headaches need to stop. I also think I need a haircut too. I have really thick hair and it weighs down when I don't thin it out. Anyways enough about haircuts. It's been pretty quiet around my home. No animal incidents except the oldest Chihuahua, Tiny is pretty sick. I think it's time but I can't take her to the vet. I know I am doing wrong in having her suffer since she has really bad arthritis. I have to take her in before winter because I don't think she will handle the cold anymore. Talking about Chi-Chi's, my boys are so excited about the movie that is coming out this week, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I kind of want to see it too. We went to see Igor yesterday but I didn't like it. I just didn't like how they treated the poor Igor's or the abusiveness towards the women and each other.

Next Thursday my oldest turns 10 yrs old. It's so sad to think about how quickly time goes by. Sigh..........
Now I'm depressed.
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