Sunday, October 19, 2008

Promos and Raffle

I was asked to create 50 promos to giveaway to the first 250 customers that came to the feltclub. I have until November 1st and was thinking of what to send them since I really don't have any promos, I don't even have business cards printed yet. I am not good on the marketing side. Anyways, I wanted to be a little creative and promote what I make but was so unsure of what to do until I thought I would make hairpins. I calculated the cost and they were about .15 cents per each card. I think that is a pretty fare price and I hope it helps with my sales. I also made thank you cards. I usually give away a hairpin when somebody orders 3 or more items and I make little magnets out of vintage ephemera and give those away on every order.
So know I need to set up an account on Propay to accept credit cards and on ebay I found a knucklebuster for $8.00 which includes receipts. I also need to make a banner which I will probably make myself instead of buying a vinyl banner and I already made a tablecloth in a nice brown linen fabric which only cost $20.00 for 6 yards, I used a 40% coupon for that purchase. I need a few more display items and I think that is pretty much else. This week I need to send my business cards to vistaprints.

I have been thinking of giving away free goodie bags at my table with some items that I make and I even posted a thread on Etsy asking if anyone was interested in sending the business cards, promos, etc. and have gotten quiet a few replies. I think the cost will be under $10.00 for 200 bags. I just really hope it helps me sell a little and that I appeal to customers and maybe even help other etsy seller. If anybody is interested let me know and I will email you mailing address.
Also I wanted to post the items I will donating to "Kisses for Callie" raffle which will be
October 20th - 22nd.

Happy Sunday!

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