Friday, October 17, 2008

Things that are on my mind

Sometimes our everyday problems are nothing compared to some of the stories you come across. I was contacted by Ashley asking me if I could donate any of my pieces that will be auctioned to make money for her 20 month old sister, Callie. She was hit by a car in the driveway this past September. I was reading her blog and cried. How terrible something like this is for any parent and I can't even imagine the emotional pain this must be for anybody. Such a sweet little girl and what a beautiful sister she has for doing anything in her power to help her. I wish her the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

You know, I am not a person that goes on the Etsy forums because I know a lot of threads are such a waste of time. People make such a big thing over something so small, and complain about anything. Anyways, I went on this week looking for information regarding craft fairs, promos, credit card machines, etc. and their is a lot of useful info, maybe about 25% is worth reading. But then you notice that almost every other thread is about the economy and not making a sale. Etsy became my f/t job accidentally and was so busy that I thought I could make a living on my goods but I realized in the past couple of weeks that I shouldn't depend on Etsy as my main source of income and even with all these other sites selling handmade goods too that I shouldn't get excited either because nobody is spending money and it will be like this for quiet awhile. I know I need to be positive but I need to be realistic too.

I have been working on my displays and trying to find ways being creative and at the same time saving money because I want to spend as little as possible since it gets very expensive doing one of these craft fairs for the first time. I will soon post pictures of the displays I bought on ebay and the ones I made too. I will also share some of the info I found out. I know their are ton of sites out there regarding craft fair tips but it never hurts to write about our experiences because it can be useful info for somebody else.

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