Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week of 10/20 - Present

I really don't understand how time goes by so quickly without realizing it. I didn't blog at all for about 1 1/2 week so I am going to pretty much re-cap my week for you.
So here goes, starting with:

Monday 10/20 - Finished up promos, worked on 2 wholesale orders.
Tuesday 10/21 - David's Therapy session. He made these cute little spiders.
He is so busy concentrating on his painting.
Wednesday 10/22 - Another Therapy Session for David , made silly drawings with spaghetti, helped grandma pack her bags for her trip on Thursday and helped parents clean their house for BBQ on Saturday.

Thursday 10/23 - Last OT session of the week. This time their was fun time with shaving cream. Grandma left us for 1 month, she went to her country to visit family and friends.

Friday 10/24 - More clean up and organizing before the BBQ. Jacob got the stomach flu and kept me up half the night.
Saturday 10/25 - BBQ Day. Mailed my promos finally. Went bead shopping, took care of poor Jake and tried to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with family and friends. It was a hit and the day was perfectly hot.

A view of the food table.

Sunday 10/26 - A lazy kind of day.
Monday 10/27 - I Miss my grandma. Went to Santa Barbara for a Doctor appt. Spent all day on the road.
Tuesday 10/28 - Kept Jacob home from school, he is still not feeling too well. One more Dr. appt for me and spent the rest of the day making cute magnets and stickers with the boys and my new xyron machine. I love this little toy.

Wednesday 10/29 - David's Therapy session in the morning then afterwards went to Walmart for a few kid necessities and washed all day.
So that is a wrap up of my week not very exciting but it was very tiring.

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