Monday, November 24, 2008

Chilly Monday

It was such a beautiful day and all of a sudden it's dark and windy. Supposedly it is going to rain and I never believe the new because it never rains in California, well I am wrong this time. I was trying to take as many pix's before I had to call it quits because the pictures are coming out horrible and I still can't find my battery charger and I keep using the crappy camera that is so impossible to use on close up earrings and the color is not coming out right. I guess I better order the charger because it's not anywhere in the house. Sigh...........
On another note, I forgot to take pictures of the goodie bags I made and forgot. I didn't have a chance to take any pictures and just found 2 bags that were left out. The little bags consisted of a cigar label, 1 cute little gift tag (not shown), 2 gift labels, 3 round birdie stickers, candy (not shown), 1 magnet (not shown) and a discount card. I really thought they were so cute and I gave over 125 away. Everyone just loved them and I hope they can use some of the items and since I want to do something for my online customers well I thought I will have a discount sale so starting this Wednesday through Sunday I will have a 15% sale on total purchase price including shipping charges.
I will post it on the announcements tomorrow.

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