Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little over my head

This has been my work room for the past 2 weeks.
So I am completely overwhelmed, stressed out and everything else in between because I don't think I am ready at all.

I am having nightmares, I am sleep deprived and I got invited to a few more fairs which I am still debating doing them. They are a lot of work and I am so nervous as is trying to get everything ready. I really hope it goes all wells and I am definitely taken time off after this Sunday.
Check list of what I need to do:
Figure out how to display items. ie stud earrings, hairclip cards
Banner (I still have no idea what I am going to do)
Finish goodie bags (They came out so cute. I will post later)
Put prices on everything.
Still waiting for Business Cards
Dye my Hair (very important)
Buy Bags
Finish sewing some coin purses
This is all that I can remember at the moment. I hope I can find my battery charger for my camera because the one I am using now sucks!

1 comment:

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