Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I love Today

My little Josef Original has a little friend today, the little guy behind him and I only paid $5 including s&h.

I can finally create new items at my own pace.

The fact that I have an original papercut from Elsita.

That my little one does not take his Mater Slippers off at all. These go with him everywhere.
The fact that The Oaks mall opened a Paper Source. Oh, happy days. I went today and I could of spent all day looking through racks of paper but unfortunately I had my little ones with me and time was of the essence with them. They bugged the s**t out of me and practically had to run out of the store with them but with some cool papers, pretty neat snowflake cut outs and some smencils for the boys. I can't wait to go again ALONE.
That is pretty much todays love list.

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