Monday, November 17, 2008


I can't believe how happy, excited, thrilled and exhausted I am about Felt Club. It was an amazing experience! I could not believe how busy I was and how nice everyone was to me. I am just so grateful to everyone that purchased from me and all the lovely compliments I received. I sold about 3/4 of my merchandise and was in awe of the whole experience. I still can't believe it and then I wake up this morning to a few emails from some of the wonderful people I met yesterday.
Oh! and the talent around me was phenomenal! I wanted to buy so many things for myself but only bought a few things for my boys. I didn't get a chance to walk around until 30 minutes before it closed because the day just flew by and this was the only time I was able to leave my mom at the booth. Poor mom, she helped me so much. I just can't thank her enough for everything. I didn't get to take any pictures before the fair and here are only a few at the end of the day. I really have a long way in order to be more organized and prepared for future shows.

I worked my butt off and it really paid off. I just can't find the words to say how spectacular my day was and I am so glad I did it. It was so worth it in many ways plus more.
On the down side, I didn't get a chance to see Jenny Hart but I did meet Lisa Sonora Beam author of The Creative Entrepeneur: A DIY To Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real and I got a picture of her with one my headband that she purchased. So Cool!!!

Now I can relax and sit back this week, well sort off, the little one has the stomach flu. I am off to wash the comforter. Yuck!

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