Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday Goals

Here are some of the goals I wish to accomplish before I am middle age.
1-being happy with my age and accepting reality. This will be a hard one to work on.
2-finish every project I start and if I don't think I will complete it, I won't even think of starting.
3-trying to work on being a procrastinator and putting an end to my million of excuses.
4-taking classes on silver smith.
5-learning and enhancing photography, ie. more manual pictures, learning photoshop techniques, etc.
6-loosing 15 pds. (I hope it won't be the other way around)
7-start scrapbooking again and finishing Davey Jones baby album.
8-taking my boys to Florida.
9-continue drawing again and make protraits of David as baby just like the ones I did for
Big "J" .
10-loving life.
I think these are easy enough to accomplish.

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