Monday, January 19, 2009


See their goes my resolution, I can't blog as often as I want too. Well, anyways since I have been organizing and throwing out tons of paper lately I came across these cool old Valentine cards. The reason I bought these is because they have move able parts and I think they are amazing and in great condition. They just kill me. They are really large so I don't know what to do with them but I did find little 1920's heart cards which are so cool that I had to frame. They are so adorable and on the back they have children's writing with the year on it. I wonder what these little kids looked like back then, where did they live, what became of them and so on. Little would they know that 80's year later a card that they wrote on is still around. Love this cute giraffe. This is like 8 inches high and his neck turns down.This one is my fave. I love the little arm.

Here are some of the others ones that I have and I know I have more that I stashed away in some of my boxes out in the shed. I know have a mission to look for them.

Here are my little ones that I framed. Not very good picture but you get an idea. I am patching up all the wholes in the walls as their are many and getting ready to paint the walls but I am still unsure on the color.
Before I forget their is a giveaway going on here with 2 of my little earrings. You should check agiveaway.blogspot. com often as they have daily giveaways.
Gotta go now and fold clothes before the boys wake up.
5000 AMAZING!!!

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