Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Deals

I just wanted to share a few of my little goodies that I just got this past week. I just adore these 2 vintage silhouettes in their cute vintage frame that I just got from Thrush and the best thing is I got 1/2 price for one of them. She has such great items.
I met one of my closest friends this weekend and decided to go to the mall and as you know I really hate shopping centers especially on the weekend. Anyways, I am so glad I went. Here is just a few of the neat things I bought and even better is that I only spent $13 for everything that I bought at Potterybarn and Anthropology. They really had amazing sales.

I had my eye on these plates but the didn't have my initial on the net so I am so happy I found them on the clearance section in the Anthro store.

They had a ton of Christmas decorations for 90% at Potterybarn and I got those cute frames and lush butterflies and spent on $5.00 for everything. I just love these kind of deals.

So I am pretty happy with my cheapy finds.
I am still frustrated that my craft room is in such array that I can't even get around. Hopefully this weekend I can straighten things out and get somewhat organized. And in other news, I saw snow on the hills here in Southern California. Crazy. It so Freakin cold that I feel like I am back east again.

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