Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sleep Deprived

I was so thrilled to see the front page of Etsy and the funny things is my little Petunia brooch was on 2 other treasuries at the same time. What a coincidence.

These last couple of nights I have had severe insomnia for what reasons, I don't know. I just can't stand it and now my head is throbbing so I am like a walking zombie with dark circles under my eyes. Hopefully sleep will catch up with me or something because I can no longer take the restless nights. At least if I was able to be productive during these terrible spells but No, my eyes hurt too much and I ruin everything I try to work on so I just sit in front of the computer with nothing to look at but just browse. So I am not as productive as would like to be during the day. Such a shame as I have so many things to do.

Today after Davey's therapy session he wanted to go in the car, he just wants to hit the road so I really didn't feel like going anywhere special and decided to go to the Dollar Tree. I just love places like that especially this particular store which has pretty cute items. I bought these adorable little plastic peeps that light up and they had a ton of Ranunculus and other bulbs so I bought a few to plant. So I am off to lay on the couch as my eyes are burning staring at the screen.

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