Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time for an Etsy break

After almost 2 years of selling on Etsy I have taken a mini vacation, well sort of. I closed shop for a few days due to some wholesale orders that I haven't even gotten a chance to work on and new items that I plan on selling. I've decided to have a sale on March 17th in honor of my second anniversary and will be having a 20% off Sale. So I want to make as much as I can in the hair accessory section, I have been lacking in that area quiet a bit.
I am still so bad about this whole blogging thing, I really want to write in it more often like I was in the beginning so I will still keep trying. I will share more on my craft room and how slowly it's coming around. It so annoying how it still looks like a disaster area. I was supposed to get it painted by now but the ceiling is still not done, at least my computer and printer are set up. And talking about my printer it's been a horrible ordeal with my officejet these last 2 weeks. I thought I needed to buy a new one because it was not printing properly, I only bought the thing about 1 year ago without a service plan. I don't know what I was thinking because ever since little Davey has been walking around pushing and destroying anything electronic like my dad's digital camera, service plans are a must. Well I ended buying one and my stomach just flipped (not if a good way) at how cheap the same printer was from the time I about it. So anyway, I was still trying too see if I can salvage my old printer but everyone kept telling me it wasn't worth it. So I changed the printheads (which the geek guys told me was not the problem)and problem SOLVED!!!!!!!!! Yeah! I was dancing and jumping like you wouldn't believe but then when I bought these printhead cartridges (the printer has 2 on top of the 4 inks cartridges) each one was $71.99 so that equals to $150 with taxes and the new printer was the same price, so in the end I did not save but actually it cost me more because I also had to buy the set of inks too. These economical officejets are as pricey as a laserjet which I also have and do not used in awhile because the inks are too pricey. So overall this whole printer experienced has been a downer on my check book. It really is cheaper to buy new electronics instead of trying to get them fixed.

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