Thursday, June 4, 2009


Taking pictures is not as easy as I thought it would be especially when it comes to jewelry. I have taken photography classes through high school/college and always loved it but never followed through with it as a career and it just became a hobby. Anyways, trying to sell your work online is so difficult because the customer cannot touch or handle the product so you need to take the best possible picture you can even if it takes 20 million times to get the perfect shot. I always used paper as my background but it just wasn't working as I hated to lay the pictures down and the light would not reflect the beauty of the crystals in some of my earrings. So after many attempts and 2 years later I found the perfect solution, a tiny miniature coat hanger and a vanity. I could not believe what a difference props make and how cute they look too. Their is still a ton of pictures to re-take and I still need to figure out how to shoot my necklaces but for now I am content with my earring shots. Over and over they recommend to take the best possible pictures in order to become a successful seller because it does work. For now I will continue using my little coat hanger until I find the next best thing.

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