Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beautiful Autumn Weekend

This past Sunday, I woke up to a beautiful morning, still enjoying my flowers through my front window. It rained pretty much all of Saturday and since their was nothing to do we went to see The Vampire's Assistant which I really liked. I couldn't believe how crowded the theatre was but I guess it was due to the rain.
Sunday morning I wanted to take a drive and see all the beautiful fall colors so we headed towards DC. We went to the National Harbor . It's pretty much still under construction so it's a little empty, mostly the restaurants are open and I believe they will open a Disney resort in the future.
Along the harbor you can walk around the Potomac and I pretty much tired they boys out with the mile walk and then they started complaining that they were hungry.

They have a sculpture in the sand of some kind of mythological god. I thought it was a little interesting.

After our walk we went to Rosa Mexicano restaurant. Wow, was the food amazing, a little pricey but it was so good.

I just loved they guacamole which they make right in front of your table. Yum!!

this was our ride home which was so calm and relaxing that I just wanted to fall asleep on the way back. Actually I did take a nap once I got home. Such a perfect weekend!

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