Saturday, October 17, 2009

Greenhouse II

It has rained for about 3 days straight and it is such a beautiful time to put some of the candles all throughout the house for warmth and comfort. I don't think I can get tired of looking out the window and hearing the rain hit the porch. But I still can't get my mind of my dream greenhouse. I keep thinking of what a mystical place I would create full of nature and science and with my quest for this ideal place I came across Anthropologie and the home decor section. I need these, well not really need but want. These items really make me want a greenhouse more than anything.
Magnifying Glasses

I just love these apothecary jars.

And these beakers. What I would do to have them all.

Never seen this before but this penny jar is pretty neat.

Such a beautiful birdcage.

Lighting bulbs. Too cool. They also carry cute little bell jars that are so adorable. Keep dreaming.... sigh.............

Lovely candleholder.

and these markers, genuine.

This little mechanical lady raven would keep my little seedlings company.

I just ran across this picture on Lucky.

I can just imagine my little sanctuary with all these wonderful finds and I saw this blog post and must say they will be ideal in my greenhouse. I will continue to dream and hopefully one day I will and must create this magical place.
Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon, I will be enjoying the rest of this rainy Saturday and hopefully catch some good scary movies on TV, which I doubt.

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