Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little Dream.........Greenhouse

As winter is fast approaching and we are enjoying much of the crisp, rainy weather, I am dreading the death of my little flowers that I with much love have grown this summer to add character to the simple little abode that I reside in at the moment. I am cleaning out the back shed and reinstalling new plant and heat lights in order to keep some of them alive during the harsh winter that is almost here. Here is a little picture of the front of my porch and the ones that I really want to move to the back are the Mandevillas since they are more of a tropical climate. This picture was taken last weekend and my little flowers are still holding strong but this weekend the temps will drop to 30 degrees. Bye-Bye my little pretties......That is where my dream comes into play as I have loved the conservatory in the movie Practical Magic. Such a dream house, indeed. I have been searching everywhere for a little greenhouse kit and found one. I really wanted to make one out of old window panes but I know that I probably won't make it and want the easy- peasy greenhouse kits and found a few that I really love through this website . The one below is a little pricey for such a small house and I really need to save all pennies in order to afford one that is a descent size so I will keep dreaming for now. This weekend, if weather permits I will be planting my 6 bags of tulip bulbs through out the entire yard. Fun project.

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