Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowy Weekend

It was the official start of winter for us. Ever since we have moved we have seen it change from summer to fall and loved every moment but this is beyond us. Since living in California all our lives, I have enjoyed the same weather practically year round without any drastic changes, occasionally it gets cold but we mostly use sweaters instead of coats and snow boots unless we drive to the mountains which is about 1 1/2 hours away. Snow falling was a big deal for us. Their was so much excitement in our little abode watching the snow while sipping on hot cocoa and not the instant kind either:) I finally bought all the ingredients and made it from scratch, god how easy peasy, I just don't understand why I took so long to buy the ingredients. Anways, the boys practically froze outside because they could not contain themselves from playing in the wet, slushy snow and since we are californians and do not have the appropriate clothing because I haven't really had a chance to buy them winter outfits, they pretty much were freezing but they didn't care.
The following morning the boys got up as soon as the sun was up and headed out the door. Even Dodger couldn't contain his joy for the cold stuff.

It was a perfect December weekend.
I know I will be hating this weather in February but for now we are happy.

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