Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow... Again

It's another cold winter weekend and I think I am getting a little tired of the snow. Just a bit.. but it's still pretty and my boys still enjoy it very much.
We went out to breakfast and I drove for the first time with my hands clutching the steering wheel. Every time it has snowed here I don't drive and I start venturing out once the streets are clean. Yes I am terrified of crashing or spinning or getting stuck.

Tomorrow is supposed to be about 30 degrees, how warm is that and right now the temp is 18. What a change from my beloved California.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Work In Progress: Project #2

Project: Crochet Throw
Here is my second project I will be documenting. I have 6 squares that I have worked on and I want it about 8 squares across and 9 down so I need a total of 56 squares, I am calculating 50 days to finish 1 square per day.
Deadline to finish squares: March 20th
Will set up another deadline to determine how long it will take me to sew all the pieces together.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unfinished Project #1

My unfinished living room

I have been thinking about my list from the last post about me, well I need to change in so many areas of my life so I wanted to start with one in particular. Finishing what I start. I will start using my blog to document my unfinished projects even if it's a small one and set up deadlines so I can commit and finish in an appropriate time and if I want to start anything new I will take talk about what I am about to start, have the supplies ready and give myself a deadline and document as I make progress. I have been thinking really hard about this and I came to the conclusion that this will help me in some many ways, I hope:). Maybe by keeping tracking of what I am doing it will give me that dedication I am lacking.

So here is my first WIP: Living Room

We have a nice finish basement which is our new living room until I can finish painting and sanding the floors upstairs. I removed the moulding and carpet, sanded the walls and started the first coat of paint and have left it this way since September. I told myself I would not buy any new furniture or curtains or continue any other home projects until I finish the living room. I need to add the second coat of paint, remove the ceiling fan, paint the ceiling white, add moulding to the windows and edge of floor, sand and stain the floor.

Painting Walls and Ceiling: 2 weeks from Monday
Window Moulding: 1 month from Monday
Sanding and Staining Floors: 1 1/2 month from Monday

Floor Moulding: 2 months from Monday

I don't have a calender in front of me but will type in the correct date when I get a hold of one.

I gave myself more than enough time and I hope this helps me.

10 Things About Me(some happy, some sad)

1. I wear too much black, I need more color in my wardrobe.

2. Procrastinator, I have to write down everything I am supposed to do every day in order to get it out of the way, even as small as a simple phone call has to be written down.

3. I am extremely shy and have become somewhat of a hermit the last couple of years, not good.

4. I quit a great paying job 8 years ago, it was the best thing I have done for myself.

5. I pretty much self teach myself if I want to learn a new craft or hobby. Except for a basic knitting class because I was stumped when it came to holding the needles and one class in basic sewing because I wanted to understand sewing patterns better.

6. I have too many crafting projects and never seem to finish them.

7. I am very sensitive. That is the Aquarius in me.

8. I cut my own hair, I can't find a stylist in this area yet.

9. I collect too many things and can't really find my style. It just varies from extreme kitsch to Victorian or cottage. One day I will find my decorating nitch.

10. I carry a deep pain in my heart for the past 2 years that has isolated me from my loved ones.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lazy kind of Day

For the past month I have had chronic back pain. I am not sure if it's a pinched nerve but all I know is I can't stand or sit for long periods of time and even pain relievers aren't working. Last night was a bad night so I kind of took it slow this morning and watched TV which makes me feel so very lazy. As I was watching the Psych marathon, which I love by the way, I started working on the above project. I love the color combination and can't wait to finish it. My index finger is cramping a bit so I think I overdid it.
Yesterday I went thrifting and found some pretty neat things which make me so excited. I cannot believe I found this little gem in it's original box plus camera instructions, now I have a little relative for my other Savoy. I found some other pretty cool things and cannot wait to go to the other thrift shops I found in my area.

I wanted to photograph the rest of my finds but I can't even hunch over to take a quick picture, that's how much my back is hurting and my shop is too. I have a ton of ideas in my head to create and even have the supplies ready but I can't sit long enough to work on my jewelry.
I think it's time to go the Dr. soon. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Beautiful Afternoon

Yesterday and today were rainy tropical like conditions with high winds. After the storm ended we got a warm afternoon sunset perfect for a BBQ.
So we set out tabletop grill and lay out the hot dogs and burgers. YUM!!!

The boys were silly as always.

Poor Dodger just looking on.

Marshmallows were the final touch. It was a perfect dinner.
we even had a little friend stop by.

** at 6 pm the same night it started to rain again. This weather here is so unpredictable**

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring is in the Air

It's a beautiful day and I am so ready for spring to come. It was the first Saturday in a long time that I was able to open the windows, place the birds outside and enjoy the breeze coming in. Too bad tomorrow will be a different story.

With this cold weather I have been inspired to once again pick up the hook and start on my afghan which I have been putting off for quiet some time. I haven't done any hooking:) in about 10 years so it was long overdue. Also flickr has been a real motivator for inspiration plus some really neat blogs that I have ran across that are all about crochet.
I even created an ascot, reminds me of Fredy from Scoby-Doo but they are pretty neat, they keep my neck very warm without having to wear a scarve all the time.

Here is a terrible picture of myself wearing my ascot but you get the point.

**Jessica email me your address and Maggie I will call you soon. Sorry and I miss you all very much.**
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