Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unfinished Project #1

My unfinished living room

I have been thinking about my list from the last post about me, well I need to change in so many areas of my life so I wanted to start with one in particular. Finishing what I start. I will start using my blog to document my unfinished projects even if it's a small one and set up deadlines so I can commit and finish in an appropriate time and if I want to start anything new I will take talk about what I am about to start, have the supplies ready and give myself a deadline and document as I make progress. I have been thinking really hard about this and I came to the conclusion that this will help me in some many ways, I hope:). Maybe by keeping tracking of what I am doing it will give me that dedication I am lacking.

So here is my first WIP: Living Room

We have a nice finish basement which is our new living room until I can finish painting and sanding the floors upstairs. I removed the moulding and carpet, sanded the walls and started the first coat of paint and have left it this way since September. I told myself I would not buy any new furniture or curtains or continue any other home projects until I finish the living room. I need to add the second coat of paint, remove the ceiling fan, paint the ceiling white, add moulding to the windows and edge of floor, sand and stain the floor.

Painting Walls and Ceiling: 2 weeks from Monday
Window Moulding: 1 month from Monday
Sanding and Staining Floors: 1 1/2 month from Monday

Floor Moulding: 2 months from Monday

I don't have a calender in front of me but will type in the correct date when I get a hold of one.

I gave myself more than enough time and I hope this helps me.

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