Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Finds

It's starting to snow outside and we expect it to be a big storm with up to 31 inches of snow. All schools and federal offices are closing early and it's a traffic mess outside. The post office was crazy busy. I am so glad I got everything out of the way (except I could not find a new snow shovel) and I back at home getting ready to jump into bed and start crocheting. Since I am feeling uninspired to continue my living room makeover due to the weather outside, I have to get out of the slump so I started looking for curtains and found the perfect ones via Urban Outfitters on sale and bought them. They will look perfect with the wall color I chose.
Plus I saw this ceramic camera which I have been eyeing for quiet some time and it too is on sale.
As for my crocheting, I have 20 squares done and I need 40 more to go and have a 2nd blanket I have started awhile ago that I want to finish too but I do want to make this one shown in the picture below.
It seems that crochet is so popular once again. I have been reading so many blogs and articles about granny squares, all I know is that my fingers are a little achy but I still cant' stop making the squares.
I want to make these cute little crochet hearts and here is another site with a great tutorial for making them too. And talking about cute and hearts, here is a free embroidery pattern and found this pattern too plus more free embroidery patterns found here. Very adorable. On top of crocheting the granny squares I made a cute little camera bag and will make a phone bag too. I am hooked:) once again.


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