Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Morning

So this was pretty much all of Sunday. More snow to clean up and play in. I do love the snow but I do want to go outside without bundling up. Today we are expecting 3-4 inches, which means no school tomorrow and more cleaning of the sidewalk and driveway. Fun....
This is pretty much how we spent our Sunday morning.

I can't get enough of these two.

After the snow clean up, it was nice to go inside and watch movies while continuing my granny throw and drinking lots of tea. I have gotten quiet addicted to the stuff and have avoided caffeine as much as possible.
I managed to get a good stack of squares done and haven't forgotten my most important unfinished project which will resume on Thursday.
Oh! before I forget I do have some exciting news, I was contact by Etsy Admin and they requested one of my bracelets to be sent overnight to LA because it will be shown on KTLA Morning News, NBC San Diego and Palm Springs. I can just scream.
***Hi Adriana, How are the boys??? Yes both cameras have spools with working shutters. Do you have my email address ? Nice to hear from you and I really do miss everyone. ****

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