Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello April

Spent the morning working outside and enjoying what spring is bringing with it.
Was so excited to finally receive my bistro set that I ordered from Target. It's perfect!! I just stare at it and can't get over how cute it is.
A funny thing about the gardening gloves from Liberty of London. The same week that the products went out I went shopping not thinking of buying anything but I stumbled across the gardening section and noticed the gloves and watering cans and have always wanted one of those huge cans but they are pricey, anyways, I was looking at them and noticed they all had a clearance sticker on them so I bought my watering can for $3.00 and the gloves were only .87 cents. Did someone make a mistake? of course, but hey I am not going to question it.
So thrilled to have a fancy watering can and pretty gloves and now I don't want to dirty these pretty little things.
Love my new little bird feeder. I stare at the little birdies while I drink my morning tea.

My tulips finally opened this week. So amazingly beautiful.
Not as amazing as the first year they bloomed. My dog ruined my flower beds and dug out and ate more than 1/2 of what I had planted. These are just some of the leftover ones that are scattered around. I really want to get rid of my dog:)

Lonely little tulip.

Another lovely evening to a beautiful day.

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