Monday, May 3, 2010

Happiness in a Bottle

Happy first Monday of May. I really wanted the weather to warm up and get back to working on the vegetable garden but boy I never thought it would be 90 degrees when it was only in the 40's in the beginning of the week. Well I did manage to plant all my flowers and still need to finish half of the vegetable garden but I will have to wait as it is raining today:(
The last couple of posts all I talk about is flowers and vases and so on and I was lucky enough to find these broken, scratched up tiny little bottles on Etsy for $3.0o. I had second thoughts but when they arrived they were perfect. Look how adorable they look full of azaleas. Flowers are the best accessory for anything broken or tattered.

Thank you all again for the kind comments and I wish you the best of luck on my little giveaways. 2 more days left.

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