Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patapsco Valley State Park

This past weekend we went to Patapsco Valley State Park for the day and had a great time hiking and walking up to the waterfall. It was so nice to be outside even though it was a bit hazy.

The days have been very gloomy which has gotten feeling so blah but the sun finally came out these past two days and this weekend should be perfect for another day at the park, I hope. We are expecting t-storms tonight and hopefully the humidity will go down a bit.

I am so inspired by the great outdoors right now and with that I am on the hunt for picnic accessories but not just any common bland item but some fun and cute accessories with a little vintage thrown in. I am having a hard time locating anything at the moment but have found a few sources and I think I will dedicate my Friday finds to picnics and accessories.

I am hoping we go to Shenandoah National Park as it is such a beautiful place and haven't been their since David was a baby. Fingers crossed.

**the storm is definately here as we hear the thunder very clearly now and clouds are amazing in color**

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