Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today is the Day

Here are the winners of the giveaway starting with the flower hairclips.

lin3arrosa said - these are so cute! Mis G.
Giveaway #2 Crystal and Pearl earrings

Van Said - The earrings are so cute! Van Tran
Giveaway #3 Lucite Flower Brooch

gustosa said- another cute piece
Giveaway #4 Blue Rose Stud Earrings

Lily said - These are just adorable. Lily
and my last giveaway the Vintage Bracelet
Melody said..I love the color perfect for Spring and Summer.

Thank you all who participated and for leaving such kind comments. I really appreciate all that was said. I will be emailing all winners today and don't forget that their is one more contest for the peach rose earrings here.


gustosa said...

thanks claudia
congrats to all the winners

gustosa said...

hi, I already received the item and it so stunning I really love it.

thank you so much

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