Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Finds

Sorry for my lack in entries but I have been in one of those blah moods. I hope I can get over it soon so I can enjoy the summer and I also need to start making new items for my shop. Anyways I ran across some of my favorite finds that I wanted to share. In my last post I was going to share some picnic finds but I still can't find any to my liking. The search is still on.

Here are two of my favorite diy projects that I came across inspired by anthropologie. The first picture is from Design Sponge and you can find the basket instructions here.

On the subject of Anthropologie I saw this shower curtain that I WANT so badly but I cannot justify spending $118. I hope it goes on sale......

Isn't this adorable. I have had this little necklace from shixie in my check out box for awhile and found out it sold:(

I want this moth pillow and this butterfly pillow too. My home decor evolves around butterflies, birds and flowers. I am so obsessed with gardens.

I have spent most days tending to my garden to relieve my built up stress and it has been very relaxing in some ways pulling the tons of weeds that grow overnight. I have so many pictures of my flowers that I keep meaning to post. Soon.

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